Posted by: Leslie White | October 22, 2009

Excitement! The 2009 Frank Armitage Lecture series begins tomorrow @ UIC!

This year’s Frank Armitage Lecture series begins tomorrow! Not only will Frank Armitage himself be there, but David Bolinsky (Medical Director and Partner of XVIVO) will be there as the key speaker. 

“Working with schools and numerous medical and scientific firms, David and his team have illustrated concepts from the mechanisms of medical devices to cellular action to the function of pharmaceuticals. The future-forward animation to better understand complex biological occurrences that David and his team create is worthy of the Frank Armitage name.”

Get more info @ this website: (quotes borrowed from here)

You might now know it, but you are probably already familiar with Frank Armitage’s work!  He did a lot of the background for a few of the classic Disney animated films, such as Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book.

image from:

“Frank Armitage epitomizes the word “visual genius.” His murals, his amazing background paintings for Disney classics like Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book, his inside-the-body landscape paintings in Life Magazine, designs for Disney theme parks, and his Academy Award-winning set designs for the motion picture The Fantastic Voyage- the man and his career are nothing short of legendary.”

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