Posted by: Leslie White | November 4, 2009

Anatomy exam #2 is over! Time for an update!

Now that my most recent Human Anatomy exam is over and completed successfully 🙂  I can get back to some normal blogging. First of all, the picture you see below is of myself and Frank Armitage. I got to meet and talk to Frank again, and managed not to embarrass myself in any way. This year’s Armitage lecture was spectacular – just what us students needed to revamp our enthusiasm during crunch time for the anatomy exam.


In other news, I have finally had the chance to open up and play with my brand new MacBookPro. I have also purchased the full Adobe CS4 Suite, and will now fail out of grad school because all I want to do is mess around in Illustrator, After Effects, and Dreamweaver. 😉 And speaking of Dreamweaver, I will soon be launching my actual website which you will be able to link to from my blog. I LOVE my webdesign class, and we will be spending the rest of the semester designing our final websites.

Overall, I am very very happy with the BVIS program. This is the first time a university has exceeded my academic expectations. Every week I get the opportunity to meet interesting people working in a field, many of which are graduates of our program. Anatomy is incredibly demanding, but iI find it a relief to study something so complicated.  The directors and professors in the program are all brilliant and they  genuinely want to help us succeed. This semester is going well, but I am starting to get the animation itch – I think we have some animation courses next semester, and I can’t wait to get started again. I am determined to refamiliarize myself with Maya, and I really want to learn Flash.

Finally, the image below is my latest project for my Anatomical Visualization class. We had to illustrate the heart and liver with an anomalous left hepatic vein. You can see a full size version in my gallery. I am happy with the way this image turned out. It is a little less stylized than my other projects this semester, and I like how smooth and glossy the organs look.

Anomalous Left Hepatic Vein (heart and liver)

(c) Leslie L White

P.S. New images are up in the Gallery!



  1. omg Leslie that is so good! I cant believe you drew that!

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