Posted by: Leslie White | January 29, 2010

Working at the ITL: stuff I WILL learn!

This semester I started working at the Information Technology Labs (ITL) at UIC. I am essentially doing technology consultation for students and instructors at the university. This is pretty cool…I am learning everything I ever wanted to know about computer software and trouble shooting. Listed below are some of the things I intend to master by the end of this semester. It is a quite a laundry list, but I am determined to learn it all. Overall, I want to become better at computer trouble-shooting, and when things do go wrong, I want to be able to understand why and fix them on my own.

Transferring VHS video tapes to DVD
Digitizing video and video editing
Encoding video for RealVideo, QuickTime, Windows Media and Flash Video streaming
Intermediate-level video editing and DVD authoring with MovieMaker, DVD Maker, Pinnacle Studio ,  iMovie, iDVD, Adobe Premiere on Windows and Mac

Expert PowerPoint Support, including:
Creating accessible PowerPoint with the Illinois Web Accessibility Wizard for MS-Office available on ACCC e-Sales
Narrating PowerPoint presentations and compressing/converting them to Flash for Web delivery with PointeCast Publisher and Impatica

Web Publishing
Web authoring with Dreamweaver, expert level
Cascading Stylesheets, expert level
Good working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
Processing Web forms with FormMail

Creating, editing and compressing digital images with Photoshop, Fireworks, Google Picasa, Windows Image Gallery and iPhoto
Burning hybrid CDs for Windows and Mac use
Familiarity with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator

Web and Document Accessibility
Creating Web accessible content with Dreamweaver and CSS
Creating structured MS-Word for PDF accessibility
Using IE and Firefox accessibility toolbars

Assisting with all aspects of creating Acrobat PDF files
Optimizing PDF files for compression and playback
Running Acrobat Professional Accessibility Analysis
Using Acrobat Professional Accessibility TouchUp Tool

Download-and-play podcasts
Creating MP3 files for audio podcasting
Editing audio with Audacity on Windows and Macs
Making available MP3 audio class materials off class WebDisks
Using Juice (Windows) and iTunes as RSS aggregators
Distributing small (a couple of minute-long) video podcasts
Making available large video class content as streaming RealVideo, Windows Media, QuickTime or Flash Video

Mobile computing support
Using Tablet PCs and digital ink
Tablet PC support in Microsoft Office and OneNote
Connecting to UIC Wireless
Help setting up smartphones and PDAs for UIC email


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