Posted by: Leslie White | January 30, 2010

Technology Update!

My work station

Since the beginning of this semester, my computer has undergone a major technology boost. I am taking courses in animation, graphic design, and computer illustration, and each course is using different software.

My biggest purchase by far was the Adobe CS4 Master Suite, but it is well worth the price. From this software package, I will be using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver on a daily basis. I wish I had some extra time to re-orientate  myself with AfterEffects, which I have not used since I was in Iowa co-producing my TV show “Caution”.

For 3D animation, I purchased the AutoCad Entertainment Package, which includes both Maya and 3D Studio Max. I am still waiting for this software to ship, and in the meantime have purchased and installed Parallels on my MacBookPro (AutoCad software can only run on PCs).  Parallels is a cool bit of technology…it allows you to run two platforms on your computer at once (in my case Mac OSX and Windows7). I also bought Windows 7 which so far is running smoothly on my Mac.

In the world of hardware, I am now becoming better at using my Wacom drawing tablet. I have a new 23″ HD LG monitor hooked up to my laptop at home, which gives me a lot more real estate  to work around in. To keep everything running smoothly, I am backing-up like mad to an external hard drive using TimeMachine.

I feel as though my knowledge about computer software/hardware is really beginning to take off. This is in large part due to the help of my classmates who have been so great about emailing back and forth to each other as we learn/trouble shoot together.


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