Posted by: Leslie White | February 20, 2010

Surgical Stapler: 9 days until due date!

Body and Handle

The body and handle are nearly done. As soon as I finish some detail work on the handle, I will clone it to create the second handle. I took extra pains to make sure that all the edges on my objects were chamfered (smoothed) correctly and that the final objects are shaped exactly the same as the real tool’s are.

The pole and tip details

The tip will be the most tedious to model because it has 12 parts that all fit snugly together. I feel like I am becoming quicker at modeling these objects, and that the process is becoming more intuitive each day. Even though I have spent a lot of time re-modeling objects over and over, I am really enjoying this process. I plan on finishing all modeling by this coming Wednesday-if I write this, then it will happen – right? 🙂


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