Posted by: Leslie White | February 28, 2010

Surgical Stapler: Final render for class

3ds Max Surgical Stapler

The stapler is finished! Here is the final render I am turning in for class. Considering that this is my first major project in 3ds Max, I think things turned out pretty well. The modeling process has become intuitive, and I did almost no manual tweaking of vertices/segments. In other words, all of the modifiers I added to my shapes were applied successfully (though this very rarely happen the first time around :). Unfortunately, this render does not get close enough in to show all of the detail work I put in.

The texturing on this piece is also underrepresented in this render. I used an HDRI ray trace on the metal parts, so when you look at them closer, they actually reflect the environment around them.

One thing I am not happy about is the lighting. We were required to use a skylight (boo!), although I added an extra spotlight to give the forms some highlights. I am not a fan of skylights because of how they flatten the image, which I think is apparent in this render. I plan on relighting the scene how I want it to look, and then I will upload some nice detail shots of the stapler. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on this one guys! And many thanks to my classmates for all their help on this project!



  1. boo?!

  2. Hehe oh dear…well if you can imagine, I am overeager about starting to use the 3 point lighting set up. what is it you say.. I want to “knock it out of the ball park!” 😀

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