Posted by: Leslie White | March 31, 2010

Anatomy inspires arts

I recently made a list of artists that I find most inspirational. The list has about a dozen artists on it – and only one of them is an abstract artist: This artist’s name is Darren Waterston, and I discovered him during an undergrad art course. A folio of his work was sitting on a shelf, sandwiched between a few other abstract art books that I would normally never pick up.  Just from looking at the book cover, I had an instantaneous experience of attraction to his art. I needed no explanation, no wordy dense text to explain why he paints the way he paints; I just loved his work. They have a dream-scape quality that is somehow familiar to me. Since then, I have purchased a book of his paintings which also contains some biographical information.

His work is partially inspired by human anatomy. I read that he saw a human cadaver for the first time when he was young, and the experience has influenced the content of his artwork. The more biomedical structures I become familiar with, the more of them I see in his paintings. So here is a brief glimpse at Darren Waterston:

Darren Waterston

Darren Waterston

Darren Waterston


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