Posted by: Leslie White | May 14, 2010

The Artery Explorer

US AGAINST ATHERO is a campaign to increase  awareness of atherosclerosis, with hopes that all people will take steps to take care of their arteries.  So on my lunch break today I experienced the Artery Explorer, which was parked outside the UIC hospital.  It is a motion simulator vehicle that jostles you around while you watch a 3D movie. So I took a ride. The ride takes you on a journey through the arteries of the human body, highlighting the life-threatening effects of plaque buildup. The animation was lovely, though no at their info desk could tell me specifically who created it. 😦 The simulator vehicle was convincing enough and the 3D sealed the deal.  I think people will tend to be a bit distracted by all the technological components of this experience, but it was drawing a big crowd of people…people who would otherwise would not have taken the time to stop and learn something health-related.


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