Posted by: Leslie White | June 30, 2010

A post about Fovia on VizWorld

screenshot of

I follow the Viz World Blog and yesterday there was a post briefly discussing the potentiality of doctors using volume rendering in their practice. I was excited to see it mentioned on one of my favorite blogs. I first learned about Fovia in October of 2008 when Dr. W Paul Brown visited UIC for the 3rd annual Frank Armitage lecture. At that time, I had not even been accepted into the BVIS program yet, but I remember being completely blown away as Dr. Brown showed us a 3D scan of a mummy still in its sarcophagus. Fovia is actually a plug-in for the free software Osirix, and it offers high-detail volume rendering of scanned CT and MRI data. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like if doctors started using a patient’s individual scanned CT files to diagnose internal afflictions. To see some incredible screenshots of Fovia volume rendering, check out their breathtaking photo gallery.

Read the post! or check out the original article referenced by the post.


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