Posted by: Leslie White | February 3, 2011

Dance of the Hours

Dance of the Hours Concept

So far, my background in “animation” hasn’t involved a lot of true animating. I can stage a scene, model, texture and light it – but I want to learn how to make objects come to life. I am hoping that this proposed project will teach me just that.

For my Maya class this semester, I will be creating a 2 minute animation for the song “Dance of the Hours”. It will show the roman numerals of a clock dancing together, except poor number 5 (V) who often gets left out. With past animations, I’ve notice my work flow gets starts to lag when it comes to the texturing/lighting phase, and I believe this is a direct result of not having a clear vision at the beginning of the project. I plan on keeping the background and overall style simplistic, since my energy really needs to be devoted to learning how to animate, but  I am working on concept sketches which are helping me realize my desired “look” for the animation.

Dance of the Hours Concept 2


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