Posted by: Leslie White | August 3, 2011

Zombies: It’s all in your head

In an ultimate twist of science (fiction),  an article in the Los Angeles Times has revealed that dieting “makes your brain cells eat themselves”. It seems to me that this type of self-cannibalism could dramatically affect the modern Zombie idiology. Wikipedia defines a zombie as “an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means such as witchcraft…The monsters are usually hungry for human flesh, often specifically brain.”

All these years film makers have been depicting Zombies as whole creatures, when in fact, we could equate them to our diet-starved brain cells turning against each other. This incredible discovery will very likely change the setting of all future zombie movies. Instead of chases through dark train yards and abandoned city streets, you can look forward to medical animations of brain cells engaged in life-or-death battles of autophagy.

Cheers all!



  1. i KNEW it!!!!

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