Posted by: Leslie White | January 21, 2012

Double Barrel Solar Flare

Solar flares are not all that rare, but when they are directed towards Earth, a few cool things happen. This past Thursday morning, the sun experienced what they are calling a  “double barrel” solar event: two strong flares, one right after the other. The SOHO Movie Theater website is a good place to go to watch the flares. You can also watch a pre-made video here.

Screenshot of the SOHO Movie Theater webpage

The reason the ejection looks like it’s going in all directions is because it’s coming towards us. As a result of the flare, we can expect to see the northern lights in the northern hemisphere. is a good place to monitor the aurora activity. For my friends back in Illinois, keep your fingers crossed for a K-index of 7 or better. Right now it’s at 1, but as soon as the energy from the flare reaches Earth (which should happen tomorrow evening), it should spike. You can monitor the K-index by going to the Spaceweather website, and scrolling about half way down the column on the left side of the homepage.


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