Posted by: Leslie White | September 28, 2012

Maya 2012 batch rendering problem

I am unable to batch render right now in Maya. This is very frustrating, and Google tells me that I’m not the only one experiencing this exact issue. The problem is this: I set my render settings, run Batch render from within Maya – and then the Script editor tells me a moment later that the rendering is complete, even though NO images have been output. Some people online suggest that this is a file size issue. But my file is small, much smaller than the scenes I successfully batch rendered last week. Batch render is slightly important function as it allows the user to render out an entire scene by automatically rendering on frame after another until the scene is completely rendered. Without batch render, you would have to render out each individual frame manually. And I have 320 frames in my scene. RAWR. I’m trouble shooting this issue, but the more I research it online, the more I’m coming to understand that this is an idiopathic known issue – for which there is fix. ImageHere is a picture of an angry baby, to show how frustrated I am.


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