Posted by: Leslie White | September 25, 2013

Watch PBS tonight to see my 3D animation in a National Geographic documentary!

Tonight one of my 3D animations will be featured in a new National Geographic documentary on PBS! The documentary is called “Skeletons of the Sahara”. It explores an incredible human burial site that was discovered in the Sahara Desert by paleontologist Paul Sereno.  I had the amazing opportunity to work with Paul during my graduate studies. I built my research project around one fossil in particular, a male skeleton known as “G3B8”. I used CT scans of the fossil to produce a highly accurate/detailed digital 3D model of the fossil. I then animated the fossil standing up from his 9,500 year old burial posture. Hope everyone can catch the show!

It airs tonight at 10pm Eastern/Pacific, (9pm Central Standard time)



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