Posted by: Leslie White | January 24, 2014

Frozen (is amazing)

The more times I see Disney’s new animated film Frozen, the more I find to love about it. Below is my super-obsessive review of the film, which focuses in on a random assortment of elements that really stood out to me. WARNING: major spoiler alerts below, so if you haven’t seen the film….back away slowly….

Character animation of Ana and Elsa
I am so impressed by the animation of these two characters. The body language and facial expressions are beautifully done. Elsa has some particularly wonderful moments during “Let It Go” and the reprise of “For the First Time in Forever”. You can see some of Idina’s own facial expressions come through in Elsa’s singing performances, which really makes her voice meld with the character design.

this image belongs to Disney :)

this image belongs to Disney 🙂

Brilliant Comedy
Disney has given us a type of 21st century comedy that we only got a taste of in Tangled. And the result is spectacular. Ana adds a lot of comedy with her bubbly and endearing personality. And Olaf’s scream is hilarious!

Fabric Issue
There seems to be something slightly off with the rigidity of Ana’s coronation skirt. It’s a beautiful but complex pleated skirt and it doesn’t seem to crumple the way it ought to. The movement was distracting, just like Stoick’s beard in How To Train Your Dragon. Does anyone else see this?

Let It Go
By far the most evocative Disney song since Color’s of the Wind. Both the song itself and the animation will leave you with chills. I’ll try to be as concise as possible because WOW I could on and on….The character metamorphosis that Elsa goes through in this song is beautifully executed. The scene opens with her alone in the dark on the snowy mountain side. I feel like everyone can identify with this moment – a moment where you are alone in your failure, and the strange relief that comes with it. It is wonderful to watch Elsa finally rejoicing in herself. By the end of this number, she is literally radiating light as she strides out into the sunrise and belts out the last note.

The plot is fantastic. Disney gives us a satisfying twist on the true-love-can-break-the-spell paradigm. There was one possible outcome of this story that I’m surprised Disney didn’t work in: Ana having fire power. I was waiting for this revelation the whole film, and it never came. My hunch is that perhaps this may be something that gets worked into a sequel, but I’m surprised it didn’t happen in Frozen. Ana having fire power fits – she has red hair, is a spark of hope and energy, and she truly has a fiery personality. The first time I saw the film, I thought Ana’s discovery of her own power would be the element that could counter balance Elsa’s ice. I guess we’ll see though – this movie has sequel written all over it.

This snowman is one of the best comedic side characters Disney have ever created. Constantly falling apart and reassembling himself, often losing his nose, extremely funny – this little snowman is hilarious to watch. He also has a unique high-pitched scream that makes me laugh every time.

I could go on and on, but my lunchbreak is just about over. 😉


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