About Leslie

 I am a Scientific/Medical artist living in San Francisco, California. I currently work for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group II Technical Support Unit, where I produce illustrations for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.  Before taking up this position, I worked as a Medical Illustrator/Animator for the Stanford School of Medicine. One of my projects involved creating a digital 3D model of the human head containing 250 anatomical structures. I am currently working for the Stanford Biochemistry Department to create a 2D map of the Human Metabolic pathway. One of my 3D animations was recently featured in a National Geographic documentary that aired on PBS during the fall of 2013. I have a passion for art and science and I love exploring where the two intersect!

Please browse through my gallery and feel free to leave feedback! All images (c) 2014 Leslie L White unless otherwise noted.

At Stanford, loosing the battle against my 3D software.



  1. i LOVE this!! it’s neat and pretty and wonderful! just like you!

  2. nice site Les,

  3. I just now took the time to really look through your blog…I love it!

  4. Is there anyway I could use you metabolic subway map for my biochem class…?

    • Hi Richard –

      Thanks for your question. The metabolic subway map was created for a specific course @ Stanford, so unfortunately it isn’t available for outside use.

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